Destination Wedding Dress

Are you planning a wedding away from home?

Wear a dress that fits the location of your wedding by choosing a Destination/Beach Wedding Dress for your oceanic wedding day. If your destination wedding parties are held on the beach, you need a dress that compliments the calm ocean breeze and warm golden sunshine and that allows you to get sand in-between your toes. A neat and casual, yet beautiful and flowing, beach wedding dress that goes with the wind and accentuates the great oceanic feeling will be the perfect finishing touch to your dream wedding day at the beach. Beach wedding dresses come in a variety of colors to inspire the relaxing feel of the beach and will make everyone at ease.


Destination dresses are made for easy storage and wearing and they are always made comfortable so that the bride can blissfully enjoy all of her sweet moments at the wedding under the heat of the sun. Aside from that, dresses of this kind are made from light fabrics so that the bride can easily walk along the sand and march her way to the altar effortlessly.

How to transport your wedding dress to a far-off locale? Here are five tips on how to pack your gown.

Choose a travel-friendly fabric. Bridal designer Winnie Chlomin Lee suggests “lightweight, comfortable fabrics such as silk charmeuse, lace and chiffon. A slimming, fluid silhouette, one with less crinoline, is always more convenient to pack and store.”

Talk to your bridal salon. They may be able to insert a cardboard form into the bodice. Better yet, they might even be willing to pack it for and give extra advice and tips for getting any creases out of your specific dress.

Protect your dress. Stuff the bodice with acid-free tissue paper, and layer it between each fold. Use white tissue for a white dress, for colored dresses, match the shade or go a hue lighter. Then enclose the gown in plastic dry-cleaner bags before placing it in the garment bag to provide an extra layer of protection. Or ask your bridal shop to put it in the preservation box for you. We at White Swan Bridal Boutique do it for our clients all the time.

Carry it on. To avoid the risk of lost or delayed luggage, take your dress as a carry-on. Some airlines will hang your dress bag up in the first class wardrobe if there is space – this is more likely with summer destination weddings when there will be fewer passengers with heavy coats to hang up.  If the wardrobe is full, lay the dress flat in the overhead bin on top of the other luggage.

Talk to your venue. Ask in advance if there’s an iron, a steamer, a seamstress or dry-cleaning service. If not, bring your own tools. Be familiar with the destination and what amenities are available; don’t let a little crease in your gown put a wrinkle in your big day.


Whether you’re jetting off to a sandy beach or a chic European city, we’ve got dream destination wedding dresses perfect for any out-of-town nuptial. Be specific to choose the dress that will speak of the location.

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