You don’t have to wear white

Today’s bride has unlimited options. She can wear the classic white dress to reflect the traditional wedding experience which symbolizes the purity of the soul. She can also pick a gown in other colors such as  blush pink, peach, mint, or other colors for a totally fresh and romantic look.

These are criteria for picking the color of the Dress:

  • Most women know what colors flatter them the most. Since this day is all about wedding pictures and memories, many brides want to look their best in colors that complement their hair, skin and eyes. The better choice for lighter skin tones is an ivory or antique white. Women with medium to dark-toned skin can often pull off a diamond white beautifully.  Bright whites on darker skin tones are stunning!
Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Vera Wang (photo by Maria Valentino)
  • By choosing a colored gown or a white dress with colored accents, the bride can feel more coordinated with her bridal party and overall color scheme.
  • Increasingly popular destination weddings may call for simpler, less-complicated dresses that travel lighter and are more comfortable to wear. Beach weddings are the perfect place for bright, fun colors.
  • The season in which she is being married can also be a factor. Pink, blue, peach, ivory and turquoise are popular spring colors for wedding dresses. Summer weddings are an invitation to brighter colors or soft lavenders, yellows and dusty pinks. Vintage ivories and warm fall colors blend beautifully with autumn’s wardrobe change. Winter whites with velvet or fur trim are stunning, as are sapphire blue, emerald green and ruby red.
  • In regards to flowers, they are available in white, cream or ivory.  Some flowers work well with all  3 colors, (ie., calla lilies and hydrangeas). Flowers are available in stark white (roses, gladiolus, carnations, gardenias, paperwhites, stephanotis, stock).
Lazaro, Romona Keveza, Saveh Nouri  (photo by Maria Valentino)

While white is still the favorite choice in wedding gowns for 80-90 percent of modern brides, it is far from the only option. Today’s bride is free to be married in the style and color that best suits her personality, taste and appearance. After all, she’ll be remembering this day the rest of her life.

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