We have many different types of necklines to choose in wedding gowns, and be advised that not all of them will look equally good on you. It depends on your bone structure and the shape of your face, neck, and shoulders.

If you love one type of necklines so much and you choose it for your wedding, you have to take the according suitable hairstyle into account.

Square Neck

Square necks look especially good on brides with rounded facial shapes. They will emphasize a hefty build or broad shoulders, so be careful with the square neckline if that’s your body type.


Sweetheart Neck

The sweetheart neck is similar to a square neck but it is scalloped at the bottom, giving the rounded appearance of a heart. Almost any bride can pull off a sweetheart neckline, but its soft curves especially complement angular facial features and bone structures. You have plenty of choices of wedding hairstyles for a strapless wedding dress. A flowing down hairstyle accords beautifully with the strapless allowing faint hints of skin to expose. A luxurious necklace makes it a bridge between an up do hairstyle and a strapless wedding dress.


Boat(Bateau) Neck

The sweetheart neck is similar to a square neck but it is scalloped at the bottom, giving the rounded appearance of a heart. Bateau neck expose almost no skin near your collarbone so it is necessary to comb your hair back and off your face.


Single Shoulder

If you choose single shoulder or other asymmetric neckline you can wear retro asymmetric buns or knots to create a balance of vision.


Off the shoulder

The off the shoulder neckline expose a skinny structure of your body so a smooth low up do is advisable for it.


Scoop Neck

The rounded shape of the scoop neckline can be used to balance out a more linear or angular face. Full-figured brides or brides with wide faces look great in scoop necks, but brides with long necks or thin faces should avoid them.


V Neck

V-necks are a wonderful choice to visually “lengthen out” the features of brides who have short necks or faces. They are also generally a good choice for someone with a rounded, softer face. A half up half down hairstyle or loose hair with big curls on both sides will work well with the V neck.


Illusion neck

Illusion necklines have been popping up in all of the latest runways, from New York to Milan. Illusion neckline wedding dresses are a great alternative to the strapless wedding dress that has been a classic choice for many brides.

An up do hairstyle is a must for the illusion neckline to highlight the lace and sheer fabric that is filled with intricate embroidery details.


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